Conceal… Don’t feel…

So wait does this mean that if we took away the whole being able to produce ice thing. This movie might have been about depression?

Disney has come out and said it’s about anxiety and depression so… yeah

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i love when dogs sigh. its like, hey bud, long day at the office?

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Here’s a fun april fools day prank you can do. Sneak into my room and place thousands of dollars everywhere. Just on everything. Cover my things with an insane amount of money. Make it a real hassle to clean up. The more money the better the prank.

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gets me every time


Johnny Cash- Ain’t No Grave


Johnny Cash I Won’t Back Down


✤ happy birthday, george harrison 

today marks what would have been george harrison’s 71st birthday. he may not physically be here but he is with us in spirit and through his music. george, you are someone so special to me. i never met you, never spoke a word to you but youve impacted my life in so many ways that it may sound silly when i say that i love you but i truly do. so, this is a very special day to me and i am sure to each and everyone of your fans because it is the day you were born. we get to celebrate you and who you were and what you did…and what you contributed to this world. you were and are an amazing human being and i am happy to celebrate you on this special day. i love you, my sweet george.

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Donovan dancing to Blind Faith in Hyde Park, 1969.

my favorite thing about this is everyone’s reaction in the background

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"George’s Birthday is on the 24th"

"No it’s on the 25th!" 



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Life magazine #3 Hillegom, Netherlands 1964

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do u ever see someone reALLY cute in public and you just kinda ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"Each person has to find for himself a way for inner realisation.I still belive that’s the only reason we’re on this planet.It’s like going to school again:each soul is potentially divine and the goal is to manifest that divinity.Everything else is secondary." George Harrison

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